Friday, 12 September 2014


This is super duper late. Oh well...

I finally finished up my degree last year. Like...FINALLY. It was one of the happiest moment of my life! I am so done with my bachelor degree!. After all the drama with my project, the not-so-well final presentation...finally everything is over. I graduated in November last year. Abang and kakak was not around as they were (still) in oversea so Mum, dad, my lil sister and boyfriend (now fiance) who took leaved just to attend my graduation. heheh

Thanks mummy and daddy for all the support and of course the duit belanja and duit print that you gave to me! This is definitely for you guys :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wedding Venue

I haven't been blogging since March. So here I am right now again, in front of my laptop hoping that I can get back into writing again (actually to plan out or just to write down about my wedding or anything to do with the wedding hehe).

5 months till the big day. I can say that most of the big things are already halfway done (hall, doorgift, photo etc.) So much to do right now and sooo much money to be taken out from the account later (gulp!).


Booking a hall

I always want my wedding to be in a hall and I told my parents about it and mum is actually against it at first place but dad is with me on this. After I told my parents that S parents are coming for merisik automatically my dad said 'adik kita buat dekat dewan la eh..'. I was soooo happy and smile from ear to ear (lol!). Made some research and shortlisted the hall that I want and of course gotta to consult with dad about it. Called a few hall that I have shortlisted (I had to find the nearest or not to far from home so that it is easier for us to bring all the stuff to the place).

Booking a hall also means I had to check if the allow outside caterer or not because we want to use the catering from my sister's wedding few years back because some hall won't allow you to do so because they have their on list of catering.

So here are the place that were shortlisted after a few discussion with the parents.

1) Dewan GMI

This hall was the first on the list because it is just 10 minutes drive from home and both parents was OK with it plus they allow outside catering. But because this hall is belongs to GMI and it is an institution getting this hall is a bit impossible. They only open for wedding events after September I think (I cant remember) because they need to see the schedule events that will be held for end of this year and early next year plus this is also an exam hall. So I had to just say no to this hall and I dont wanna take the risk because hall is the first thing to book ones the date is confirm

2) Dewan Banquet, UPM.

Moving on to the 2nd option. This hall was big enough to fit in about 500++ people if doing a buffet so I guess this OK and the hall is fine to me. Just that I don't really like "parkir" flooring (oh, yes! I am so particular on the flooring and ceiling hehe). The down side of this hall is that you guys have to use their catering (they have like 20 list of catering) for about 25++ per head if I am not mistaken (you guys can google it hehe) or use d'saji catering for 28++ per head. Cant remember the price of the hall.

3) Dewan Sri Melati / Sri Siantan, Putrajaya

This the hall that I always want my wedding to be but this hall is a bit pricy. We have 3 option date when we decide to book a hall. Sri Melati is a bit smaller than Sri Siantan and obviously the price is different. 300-600 people at ones if walk-in buffet wedding. Rumours I heard that this hall wont allow you to have outside catering and I was a bit upset about it. All the 3 option date were available at that time so I just have to wait from S side to confirm everything.


After much discussion. We agree on the Putrajaya and the best part is I can use the catering I want because the catering I want also work with some projects in Putrajaya.

So wedding venue = CHECKED!

Monday, 10 March 2014


Woke up with a heart breaking news on Saturday morning that MH370-Boeing 777 was and still missing. Its been 3 days already since it was missing. It even breaks my heart when the captain and one of the crew member are my friend's father (Aishah) and brother (Idzumi). I cant imagine their feelings and i hope u guys and family will be and stay strong. My prayers are for ur dad and brother and to everyone on the plane 😢

I know Allah will guide us throughout the search of the missing plane. Dont give up, don't lose hope and keep praying and doa. Allah is with us. #PrayforMH370

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Hi everyone,

I know its been so long since I last post on this blog. The last post was during my birthday celebration last year and now it is already 2014 (so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! IT IS STILL NOT TO LATE KAN? hehe). So anyways, I am thinking of starting to blog again as my online journal and my journey to a NEW CHAPTER. 

2014 so far is great and the best part is..... 


Oh yes! I'm engaged! I am beyond happy. It was totally a last minuted decision to get engaged because the planned was only to do merisik and engagement will only happen on the day of nikah but my uncles and aunties insist on us to get engaged right at that moment. So this is it. The journey to the altar begin. 

Please pray for us on this journey. InsyaAllah everything will run smoothly.